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Mission Statement

At Bethal Manna, we strive to provide the highest standards of care to all our service users. We use a model of care that supports and involve each individual in making decisions about their care. Creating bespoke care packages to support their individual needs. A model of care that supports each individual to live in the community as independently as possible.Our expertise is working with adults with various Mental health diagnoses including those with Forensic history, Learning disability,Autism and drug and alcohol addictions.

Our aim is to provide skilled care to enable our service users to achieve their optimum functioning by improving their overall well-being. We specialise in Recovery and Rehabilitation of each individual enabling them to have an independent and meaningful life. We pride ourselves in supporting some of the most vulnerable members of our society with varying needs such as;
  • Enduring mental health conditions such as; Schizophrenia, Personality Disorders, Bipolar Affective disorders, Depression, Anxiety Disorders and many others.
  • Forensic History, we have experience and expertise of nursing and supporting service with Forensic History with ongoing legal restrictions with the Ministry of Justice.
  • Dual diagnosis such as Learning Disability and Substance misuse, Learning Disability and Autistic Spectrum, Mental Health diagnosis and Learning Disability, Mental health diagnosis and Substance misuse, Mental health diagnosis and Autism, Mental health diagnosis or Learning Disability with Behavioural challenges and/or other comorbidities.

Our care packages are based on therapeutic and non-restrictive interventions using Positive Behavioural Support and Mindfulness as the basis of our support. We promote independence and aim to connect service users to their communities for social inclusion, undertaking voluntary and paid work, and local events.

We work collaboratively with other services and agencies such as GPS, Social services, Drug and Alcohol services, Community mental health teams and many others. Engaging service users for Psychological treatment proves to be an important intervention.

Our management team has three managers each with vast experience in different specialities such as Forensic, Learning Disability, Autism, Mental Health nursing, Psychotherapy and Positive Behavioural expertise. The combined wealth of expertise enables the team to formulate personalised care plans and care packages tailored to each individual's needs.