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Supported Living

Everyone needs a secure home environment, this is crucial to mental health recovery.
Bethal Manna Supported Living is a Care and Recovery service for residents with Mental Health conditions, Learning Disability, Mild Autism as well as those recovering from drug and alcohol induced psychosis and those with Dual diagnosis. This include people with previous Forensic history.
We have experience and expertise of nursing and supporting service users with forensic history with Ministry of Justice restrictions. Service users with challenging and complex needs. 

Our specialty is Recovery and Rehabilitation for people with complex Mental health needs, enabling them to achieve their optimum functioning. 

We focus on all aspects of the service user's recovery abilities by assessing their needs holistically and then setting realistic goals with each individual.

Expertise and Experience
We use simple Recovery Models such as Social inclusion, Psycho-education and Behavioural modification.
Use of Positive behaviour safety (PBS) plans and Collaborative Safety Plans to manage challenging behaviours.
Our aim is to equip our service users with life skills preparing them for independent living.

At Bethal Manna, we promote social inclusion activities and encourage our service users to maintain their social network. Activities are an integral part of daily living and staff support and encourage service users to take part and access community activities.

We promote independence by linking our service users to the local community to undertake voluntary and paid work.

We work collaboratively with other agents and services in the community such as the Community Mental Health service, Social services, Drug and Alcohol service, GPs and others.

Our Supported Accommodation are in Medway, Kent and Erith, Bexley.

Visit us
We would be happy to show you around our homes as we are very proud of our work. Please contact us to make an appointment.